3D graphics:
     Blender3D, Substance Painter,


Basic skills:
     Painting, drawing, sculpting, photography, screenwriting, scripting in C# and C++ (low skills)
     video editing, compositing, 3D modeling/rigging/animation/material, storyboard, shader
     - Państwowa Ogólnokształcąca Szkoła Sztuk Pięknych (National School of Fine Arts)
       specialization: Techniki malarskie i pozłotnicze (Painting and gilding techniques)
     - ASP (Academy of Fine Arts) w Łodzi - Wydział Sztuk Wizualnych (Faculty of Visual Arts)
       specialization: Techniki teatralne, filmowe i telewizyjne (Technical theater, film
       and television)
     - Gamedev School w Warszawie 
     - AniHQ (Animator Lead, Generalist 3D (Animations, Enviroment,  
     Characters, Rigs, Materials), Compositing, Concept-artist, Storyboard
     - MegaPixel Studio S.A. (Modeling, Riging, Textures)
     - StarDrifters (Animator 3D, Technical Artist)
     - F4 Digital (Generalist 3D)
     - Qverty/MojoApps (Concept-artist, Generalist 3D)
     - BreakThru Films "Flying Piano" (scenography) 
     - LED Media24
(2D/3D Computer Graphic)
     - SimpleFrame (Generalist 3D)
Game engine (low skills):
     Unity3D (+ Amplify Shader), Unreal
     Victory in GameJam (NPG  in Vistula)
Video editing:
     Adobe Premiere Pro, Edius
     Pinacle, Resolve DaVinci (beginner)
     Adobe After Effect, Blender3D
     Natron, Nuke (only 2D)
Bitmap graphics editor:
     Krita, Gimp
Vector graphics editor:
     Corel Draw (old version), InkSkape